Diet & Medical Requirements

We will take care of all your family members Diet & Medical needs
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We consider all diets special therefore each guest has their own individual menu and their meals are as close as possible to what they are accustomed to at home. On admission each cat has its own Admission Form completed by their owner. This gives us detailed information on how to care for each cat.

We offer numerous brands of wet food plus mince including Roo or Beef. If a client brings all food from home it doesn’t reduce the cost per day.

Medical Requirements

To protect ALL cats in our care a current feline enteritis/cat flu (F3) vaccination certificate must be provided on admission to enable your cat to board with us. All vaccinations must be completed at least two weeks prior to cat boarding.

  • Our Veterinary Surgeon is on call 24 hours
  • If we have any concerns about your family member we would try to contact you ASAP.
  • Veterinary prescribed medications are administered free of charge by Cats in Clover, however clients are responsible for any vet fees that may be incurred.
  • All medication is to be clearly labeled with all the relevant information from the vet. Injections for Insulin are not a problem as Sharyn is a registered nurse.
  • We request that all guests be wormed and flea free on arrival. If worms and fleas are detected they will be treated and charged accordingly.