Cats in Clover Cattery

Cattery Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come for an Inspection/Tour of your Cattery?

Of course! To keep things running smoothly inspections/tours are by appointment and are conducted between opening hours 8am – 10am or 4pm – 6pm Closed Tuesdays.

You can phone us anytime though!

Should my cat be vaccinated?

Yes. To protect all cats in our care a current minimum F3 vaccination certificate must be presented on every admission to enable your cat to board with us. This is to comply with Shire regulation

Can I bring my own food?

Yes. If your cat is on a special diet, a prescription diet or you wish to keep their diet identical to that at home, then by all means but it doesn’t reduce the cost per day.

Will my cat receive regular attention?

Yes. We are a small cattery, so all cats in our care receive daily attention with lots of pats and cuddles.

What if my cat needs medication or injections during stay?

Not a problem. All medication is to be clearly labelled with all relevant information from the vet. Injections for insulin are no worries as Sharyn is a registered nurse.

My cat is very shy to other cats & people.

We have improved the enclosures so that cats can not see beside each other. We can also utilise one of the end enclosures to minimise the noise. The bottom level of the enclosure is a kennel which allows them somewhere nice and dark to hide.

Do you provide long term bookings?

Yes. This is our speciality. We care for them like they are our own. They enjoy the routine and love using the large outdoor playgrounds. We offer a discount for long term bookings.

What do you feed the cats?

DRY FOOD: We offer dry food to be available 24/7 and wet food for dinner. Part of our admission process is to choose your cats menu from well known brands of wet and dry food available.

What about play time and exercise?

Each enclosure has its own outdoor area that can be accessed 24/7. They are totally secure in this space and we think it’s a treat to be allowed at night. During the day cats can use the large playgrounds where they can climb a tree and watch the birdlife or our chooks walk by.

When can I drop off and pick up my cat?

Our opening hours are between 8AM – 10AM or 4PM – 6PM. Closed Tuesdays When we complete a booking form we organise if the AM or PM time frame suits you.

How do I pay?

We don’t have credit or eftpos facilities. We are happy to receive payment by cheque, cash or direct debit. If paying by Direct Debit this needs to be processed before pickup time